Accessibility at Trans Pride Seattle

It is our goal to make Trans Pride Seattle as inclusive and wheelchair accessible as possible. Unfortunately, due to the topography of Cal Anderson Park we cannot guarantee that all of Trans Pride Seattle will be wheelchair accessible.  There will be accessible space reserved for people with wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices.

There will be ASL interpretation on stage for the entire event. Space will be reserved near the stage for people utilizing this service.

Smoke-Free, Low-Scent

In order to make Trans Pride Seattle a healthy, accessible place for everyone, we are enacting a smoke-free, vape-free, low-scent policy. There will also be a scent-free section available.

Smoke and many scents aggravate a large number of health conditions including asthma, migraines, multiple chemical sensitivities and compromised immune systems. A lot of people are forced to choose between missing out on community events or getting headaches, dizziness, sore throats, nausea, rashes and many other negative reactions.

We’re changing that, and we need your help. Please don’t smoke while you’re at Trans Pride Seattle. If you go elsewhere to smoke (somewhere outside Cal Anderson park and away from the food trucks), please take a few minutes to air out afterward, and wash your hands when you get back. There will be unscented soap in the bathrooms. Also, on the day of the event, please refrain from using cologne, perfume, nail polish, and other products with strong artificial fragrances or chemical odors (please do wear any topical medicine you need in order to be healthy regardless of scent).

We recognize that for a lot of people, going smoke-free and low-scent is a big change. We appreciate this. And the effort on your part is a way of showing love for our community. It creates a safe space for people whose medical conditions make the outside world a perilous place. As trans people we need a safe, loving space to call our own. Thank you for helping us make that place a reality.

Fragrance-free and low-scent alternatives to heavily scented personal grooming products are available, and alternatives can be made from basic ingredients for far less than even discount, mainstream products. For more information on fragrance-free and low-scent alternatives click here and here.

If you have any accessibility needs, please contact Ayom Ament