As of June 21st 2017 at 2:00pm PDT, Trans Pride Recruitment is now CLOSED, If you are interested in future opportunities please sign up below!

Welcome to the Trans Pride Seattle 2017 Hub!

As part of joining the team for this year’s big event you will become part of Gender Justice League’s Membership Program which makes the work we do possible and such a huge difference, as part of the membership program you will have the following benefits:

Please note that for the 2017 event pre-registration is REQUIRED for all volunteer roles, think of it as a convention, you must have a badge to volunteer and have registered before the event, otherwise you are welcome to attend but will not be allowed to volunteer, no exceptions.

More Details About the Membership Program Located here: http://www.genderjusticeleague.org/about/membership/

Please direct all volunteering questions to: allyc@genderjusticeleague.org

Date: Friday June 23rd 2017

Volunteer Arrival Time: TBA

Location: Cal Anderson Park


  • Volunteer Opportunities – Year Round
  • The Membership Newsletter – The Hero Herald
  • Social Media Access – Facebook, Twitter and Events
  • Membership Levels – Custom ID Badges, Shout-outs on social media, and recognition!
  • Member Appreciation Events
  • Member Round-Table Discussion Events
  • Invitation to March in the 2017 PrideFest Parade with Gender Justice League
  • Limited Space Tabling Opportunity for PrideFest 2017 at the Seattle Center


The Trans Pride Seattle March and Celebration is one of the largest Trans Pride gatherings in the United States. A community event like this couldn’t take place if not for the volunteers who will help in the planning and production of the March and Celebration at Cal Anderson Park. Trans Pride Seattle values the diversity of our communities, and we are intentional about the accessibility of the event. Volunteers contribute greatly to our ability to keep the event economically accessible to all, to make the space accessible, and to make our programming language accessible. Volunteers make a huge impact on Trans Pride’s capacity to give back to the community by helping us to maintain a safe, exciting, and economically viable event.


Trans Pride Specific Volunteer Perks

In addition to joining the GJL Membership Program and having the chance to meet other community-minded individuals, volunteers for Trans Pride will get extra perks, which include:

  • An invitation to the Membership Appreciation Picnic
  • Custom 2017 Trans Pride Name Badge, Photo ID for long standing members!
  • Free snacks and water during the event
Available Roles for Trans Pride 2017:


Recruitment is now CLOSED

Team 1: Operations

Team Full

Team 2: Resources

Team Full

Team 3: Safety


Safety Team – [Multiple Roles Available]

Team 4: Logistics


Team Full

Team 5: Media

Team Full

Team 6: Outreach

Team Full


Fill out the form below to begin your experience as a member of Gender Justice League and a Volunteer for Trans* Pride 2017!


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